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The National Association of Military Medics and Corpsmen (NAMMC) is a member-based organization providing activities, camaraderie, and support for active-duty military and veterans having served in a medical specialty as medics, corpsmen, doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians, etc.

About Us:

In 1997 a medic and corpsman were chatting online about their PTSD and Survivors Guilt (Moral Injury). Realizing that their talk therapy helped them, they very quickly realized that there are many other "Docs" out there just like them. In 1998, a formal entity was formed for the purpose of "Docs Helping Docs". The organization was very successful and purposeful. To be known as the National Association of Medics and Corpsmen (NAMC). In 2019, much of the leadership moved on and unable to continue with NAMMC and then COVID hit. As a result, the organization was off life support and almost died. A couple of remaining members felt a faint pulse in the organization, performed corporate CPR and administered a transfusion of new life blood. Today the pulse is strong, BP is up and the prognosis is good. The organization has expanded to include all allied military medical personnel veterans and active duty "Docs". In 2022 Military was added to the name now named National Association of Military Medics and Corpsmen (NAMMC). Please join us to be able to formally help others of us who are in need and to support those who will follow us. See membership information below. Note: Former Life Members of NAMC will continued to be honored as Life Members of NAMMC.

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National Association of Military Medics and Corpsmen (NAMMC) is a member-based service. The services, activities and events we provide are made possible through membership fees and donations. When you decide to join our community, you'll receive:

  • A solid support system
  • Resources and tools targeted toward veterans
  • Programs that focus on military-specific challenges
  • promote camaraderie for medical veterans & military personnel
  • provide education on medical activity in the military and veterans administration
  • inform veterans on V.A. Benefits
  • inform veterans on legislation relating to veteran's interests
We offer free membership options for veterans who are disabled, active-duty personnel or veterans pursuing a medical degree. Contact our team now to learn more.

Also offered is our Associate Membership.
Additionally, members are provided the member only access link, to many benefits including discounts on programs, the store, organization documents, member's information, and much more.

No Man Survives War

Death and dying all around
Immoral acts the most profound

You could be the worst of all
Or you could be the Chaps on call

Any heart can plainly see
There is some moral injury

You may survive the war that day
Intrusive thoughts are here to stay

It doesn't matter who you are
All from battle endures a scar

Doc David Rose