Conscientious Objectors

​Conscientious objection in medicine is the notion that a health care provider can abstain from offering certain types of medical care with which he/she does not personally agree. This includes care that would otherwise be considered medically appropriate.

In the military and wartime setting, a conscientious objector also means that the medic chooses to not carry a weapon and does not kill people. The reason for these choices and personal views are usually religious in nature.

Conscientious objector status is usually implemented only during a time of war and the draft into military service. In a time of modern military history, there is no draft, so if an individual chooses to not carry a weapon, he or she would simply not join the military.

A well known conscientious objector combat medic is Desmond Doss from WWII. Desmond is the subject of the well known big screen movie title Hacksaw Ridge. This would be the perfect movie to watch to understand the religious values of a wartime conscientious objector combat medic.

During the time of when individuals were drafted into the military as a conscientious objector, they were almost always given the designation of a MOS 91B20 which is a Combat Medic. During training, the CO is given an option to interview for the White Coats. White Coats is an affiliation of the military that utilizes CO's as test subjects (Guinea Pigs) who will test new meds and other new product for the military.

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