Help with PTSD and Survivors Guilt (Moral Injury)

The National Association of Military Medics and Corpsmen does not endorse any form of PTSD treatment. This information is offered to you as a service of NAMMC to bring PTSD treatment options into one place. Your treatment options are your own decision.

These PTSD links are provided by NAMMC Board of Directors Legacy Member Lieutenant Colonel Guy C. Lamunyon (USAR Retired)

Guy C. Lamunyon MSN, RN, PMHN-BC

  • Psych Mental Health Nurse, Board Certified Combat Medic, 101st Vietnam (2 years)
  • Army Psych Mental Health Nurse (19 years)
  • Lieutenant Colonel, Retired
  • VA Mental Health Nurse (19 years)

Learn to Cope With Survivor's Guilt(Moral Injury)

Find the support you need to navigate survivor's guilt(moral injury)

At National Association of Military Medics and Corpsmen, we're committed to helping people who served in the military understand their experience and find trustworthy support. One of the programs we offer focuses on survivor's guilt(Moral Injury). We'll provide you with the tools needed to navigate this experience and useful resources to help you build a strong support system.

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