Medic Artifacts

    Civil War Retractable Three Fleam Blood Letting Device
    Civil War combination long knife and limb amputation saw.
    Civil War Era Brass Specticles
    1871 Bronze Tunic Buckle Ambulance Medic
    Spanish-American War era surgeons field amputation kit.
    Handmade splints and braces from 1890
    1700's solid brass turned mortar and pestle.
    18th Century J Holloway Sterling Silver Medical Bloodletting Triple Lancet Set (1)
    18th Century J Holloway Sterling Silver Medical Bloodletting Triple Lancet Set (2)
    Trepidation Brace Drill - used to drill a hole in the skull to reduce pressure on the brain from head trauma.
    Early Hemorrhoid Clamps
    ​To use these clamps, you will also need one of these >>
    1893 Anesthesiologist
    WWI Nurse Madeleine Jaffray

    Pocket Apothecary

    Civil War Carried Pocket Apothecary w/ Contents & Scalpel Set Custer Provence

    An Exceptional Civil War Period Pocket Apothecary & Surgical Scalpel Kit

    Owned and Used by Dr. John P. Wilson
    Scalpel Box is Monogrammed

    A Quote from
    "When the Fifth Michigan Cavalry was formed during the civil war Dr. J. P. Wilson was commissioned regimental surgeon by the governor of the State, serving in this capacity until March, 1863, when, on the formation of the Michigan Cavalry Brigade, under General Custer, he was made brigade surgeon."

    The Pocket Apothecary is Complete. Thirty 1 3/4 inch Corked Glass Tubes. All Have Labels. All but Two have Contents. The Scalpel Set is Missing Scissors. All Scalpels are Original to this Kit. A Pair of Chained Suturing Hooks Included as well as a Long Thin Funnel.

    Medic Patches

    US Army 102nd Medical Battalion
    US Army WWI 88th Medical Division
    US Army WWI First Medical Unit
    US Army WWII Medic
    Vietnam 36th Medical Detachment ​Helicopter Ambulance
    Navy Medical Officer
    1951 USAF Korean War Medical Air Evacuation Detachment Tokyo, Japan
    US Army Medical Command
    US Army WWII ​103rd Medical Regiment
    US Army 4th Medical Command
    US Army 18-D 10th Special Forces Medical Sergeant
    Vintage US Army Nurse
    94th Medical Detachment
    8th Medical Detachment - Vietnam